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Trying to control calories? Use a scale!

Trying to control your calorie intake to lose weight? Using a kitchen scale is one of the easiest ways to control the amount of calories taken in during the day. Want 200 calories of cereal in the morning? Just plop your bowl on the scale, check the food label for amount of calories per unit of weight, and weigh out the desired amount of food. The can be done with almost anything: lunch meat, cereal, vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts to name a few. Some scales will even measure out volumes of liquids. And kitchen scales are dirt cheap these days, only costing $10-$25 on Amazon. This becomes even more effective when cooking your own meals; you’ll know exactly how many calories are going into each dish, and how many calories each serving will provide.

But sometimes food manufacturers list odd weight and calorie serving sizes on their labels. What if you’re not sure how much to weigh out to get the desired number of calories? No problem, just whip out your calculator (pretty much all cell phones have one nowadays) and do a quick calculation. For instance: say I wanted 200 calories of granola for breakfast this morning, but the box label lists 62 grams as 260 calories. So I do a quick calculation:
(62g/260cal) * 200cal = 48g

Voila! I pour out 48 grams on my scale to get my 200 calories and I’m on my way. The calculation will always follow this format:
(label weight/label calories) * desired calories = desired weight

So go grab a scale and start losing that weight!

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