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The Best Websites for Grocery Savings

Anyone born before the internet age remembers what a hassle it was to find grocery store savings and coupons.  Usually, it involved combing through countless newspaper ads or visiting several stores.  But thanks to the world wide web, the task of finding grocery savings has become easier and faster.  Now a visit to just a few websites is all that is needed.  There are so many different types of savings websites though that it can be overwhelming.  So I’ve summarized some of the best types of websites for finding grocery deals.


Store Websites

Pretty much all grocery stores now have websites, and this is the first place you should look for savings.  Store websites can have a wealth of information about their specific stores.  The sites will usually have all the currently available weekly circulars and store coupons.  They also often have links to digital manufacturer coupons.  The store site may even offer the option to save digital store and manufacturer coupons to your store loyalty card.  Check the website of your favorite supermarket to see what kind of content it offers.


General Third Party Grocery Websites

There are several independent websites which list grocery savings and coupons.  Some of these websites are general in nature, covering several supermarkets from across a region or the entire country.  These sites can be very useful for looking up the weekly circulars from major nationwide chains.  Sometimes they will even link to store and manufacturer coupons, and allow you to save these coupons to a store loyalty card.  A big advantage of these general deal websites is that they will allow you to compare ads at several stores, so that you can find the best deals around.  Unfortunately, since these sites cover such a wide range of supermarkets they may not have all the savings available at each individual store.  Some examples of these websites include:

Dedicated Third Party Grocery Websites

There are also many independent grocery websites which are dedicated to a single store or store chain.  Since these sites focus on specific stores, they will have the most accurate, complete, and up to date information on all the store’s savings.  These websites will list all available deals from the store’s circulars, as well as unadvertised deals.  They will also often link to store and manufacturer coupons, just like the general grocery websites.  Unlike the general sites though, they will also show you which available coupons will stack with the current store discounts.  So these sites can be a big help in maximizing your grocery savings.  These are the best type of site to use if you consistently shop at just one store.  Here are some examples of some dedicated third party supermarket websites.

So now that you know where to find grocery savings online, see if your favorite store has a website.  Have a favorite supermarket savings website that I haven’t listed here?  Let me know in the comments below!

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